Application for Exhibitors

Please read carefully before applying!

Studio Fair applicants must be at least 70% artisan-made. We do not accept resellers or multi-level marketing vendors. All applications will be forwarded to Studio Fair for evaluation and acceptance. If we have questions regarding your application we may reach out for more information. If accepted you will be sent an email confirming your placement, a Vendor Information Package, and a link for payment. Booth placement is solely at the discretion of the event producer.

You must complete all fields accurately to ensure your application is accurately evaluated. This information will be used in our makers directory and in other advertising so please make sure it is suitable for public publication.

Vendor Information Package

  • 5 × 10 concourse $350 plus GST
  • 10 × 10 regular $925 plus GST
  • 10 × 10 corner   $1050 plus GST
  • 10 × 15 regular   $1300 plus GST
  • 10 × 15 corner $1450 plus GST
  • 10 × 20 regular   $1675 plus GST
  •  10 × 20 corner   $1900 plus GST

Early bird special 5% off if application received by January 31, 2024. You will receive a link for payment after your application is approved.

DALLĀ·E 2024-04-02 13.27.14 - Design a sophisticated and visually appealing sold out badge for a professional artisan fair. The badge should convey a sense of exclusivity and accom.webp

Sold Out! 

Please contact Lisa Redpath directly via email to be added to the wait list.